Automatic random carton sealing machine FXJ-5050E

FXJ-AT5050E carton sealer is an automatic positioning customized folding lid sealing machine, it is mainly applied to cover a longer folding carton sealing purposes, the packaging standard equipment necessary for pipeline operations. Sealing machine carton sealing tape that is affixed to the economy fast, easy to adjust, can be a complete upper and lower sealing action, the use of marking tape, but also enhance product image.

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Automatic carton edge corner sealing machine FXJ-P5050

FXJ-P5050 Automatic carton edge corner sealing machine needs operator to adjust according to the cartons’ sizes manually, and then the machine realizes four-side edge corners sealing. It is simple to operate, convenient to use, fast sealing speed, high efficiency, sturdy and durable, suitable for all-weather operation in the automatic packing line.

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Automatic carton top folding and sealing machine FXJ-AT5050E

FXJ-AT5050 Automatic carton top folding and sealing machine adopts left and right driving belts, pneumatic folding top covers mechanism, trapezoidal screw width and height adjustment mechanism, and high-strength structural design, which makes this model reliable in performance and can adapt to continuous heavy-duty sealing work of the production line. Manually adjust the machine according to sizes of the cartons, suitable for the same size of carton sealing at the same time; this machine is simple to operate, easy to use and adjust, fast in sealing speed, high efficiency and durable. It can be used alone, or worked with carton erector and automated carton packing line. It is suitable for various industries such as household appliances, textiles, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, light industry, and chemicals.

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Radom sizes automatic carton edge corner sealing machine FXJ-P5050E

FXJ-P5050E Radom sizes carton edge corner sealing machine can automatically adjust according to the cartons sizes, it’s suitable for simultaneous sealing of various specifications of the carton; and can simultaneous sealing of four corners automatically.

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